"Douglas McGill is a complete original.
Heavyweight journalism + a grownup
political conscience + wry
Zen consciousness."
-- Mark Kramer, Harvard University


When 9/11 struck, the consequences of American ignorance
of the world became frighteningly clear.

In response, Doug McGill, a former New York Times reporter who now
lives in Rochester, Minnesota, began to look at how the people and
cultures of the entire planet were present in the rural
Minnesota community where he lived.

The result is a portrait of a specific American place where all of the
flavors, colors, and personalities of foreign lands are reflected, and global
economic, social, and environmental trends are intricately at work.


Praise for "HERE:
A Global Citizen's Journey

"McGill's reporting helps us understand our interconnectedness with our
neighbors and our planet."
                 -- Jeremy Iggers, founder, Twin Cities Media Alliance and the Twin Cities Daily Planet

"McGill is the only local columnist I know who broke the story of genocide on   another continent. You can read that   incredible story in this book."
                   -- Jay Rosen, chairman, Department of Journalism, New York University              

"McGill's newscape is a world without borders."
                  -- Sandy Close, executive-director, New America Media

To read or listen to an interview with Douglas McGill on NPR, click here.

The book is available at Amazon here.