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The Gifts of the Refugees (12/24)

At Long Last, the Minnesota Oromo Share
Their Secret

The Horn of Africa is Dying. Who Cares? (12/11)

Ethiopian Despot Hijacks Copenhagen Leadership Role (12/3)

A U.S. Citizen Survives Political Prison in Ethiopia (11/17)

Stared Down by Neo-Nazis, She Battled Back With Love (11/11)

The Idiot Monster and the News (11/4)

The Politico Paradox: Feeding the Media We Hate (10/29)

A Journey from War to Football and First Snow (10/19)

Her Job is Welcoming the Stranger to Minnesota (10/13)

From Ruin in Iraq, a New Minnesota Life Begins (10/6)

In Minnesota, Ethiopians Brace for a Dreaded Visit (9/28)

When Ethiopia Invades Somalia, Minnesota Takes a Hit (9/21)

Ethiopia in Minnesota: The Local Front of a Distant War (9/14)

Minnesota Ethiopians to Join Pan-Ethnic Washington March (9/14)

Ethiopia Shakes Down its Minnesota Refugees (9/7)

At a Minnesota Market, Tales of a Hidden War (8/31)


Liberalism, Journalism and Love (1/11)
The Bright Side of Britney's Breakdown
The 2008 Burleigh Lecture on Media Ethics (2/6)
     Part I:     The Promise of Citizen Journalism
     Part II:    Sometimes Journalism Stops Free Speech
     Part III:   My Language Crimes at The New York Times
     Part IV:  The Buddha, The Dharma and the Media
     Postscript: The Media, Chauncey Mabe, and Me
A Genocide Planner to Meet His Minnesota Survivors (5/29)
An Ethiopian Strongman Meets the Minnesota Anuak (6/4)
In Darfur, Minnesota, Another Kind of Siege (6/10)
Two Philosophers Throw Journalism a Lifeline (6/17)
Ethiopian Official Defects to U.S., Decries Anuak Genocide (6/24)
With Spies and Cellphones, Ethiopian Terror Touches Minnesota (7/1)
As Ethiopia Boils, Minnesota Ethiopians Feel the Heat (7/8)
From the Jungle, Insights on Words and War (7/15)
From Oromia to Minnesota, With Love and Coffee (7/22)
A Son of Minnesota Returns as a Worldly-Wise Monk (7/29)
An Ethiopian Politico Barnstorms Minnesota (8/5)
Why I Write About Ethiopia (8/12)
Eritreans in Minnesota Weigh a Dream Gone Mad (8/20)
Foreword to "Framing Genocide" (9/2)

Healing the World With Words (1/1)
Why Journalists Must Talk With Strangers  (9/21)
Mindfulness, Blended Orgasms and the News (10/25)
7 Things I've Learned Teaching Citizen Journalists


Around the World in 80 Newspapers (1/30)
What Do Journalists Know About Suffering? (2/6)
The Straight Scoop on a Strange World (2/22)
A Supreme Patriarch of Minnesota-Cambodians (2/24)
The Coffee Shop Warriors of Minnesota-Somalia (3/13)
Is Journalism Now in Google's Hands? (3/19)
The Local is the Aleph (4/11)
How Journalism Misses the War Mother's Story (5/3)
Caring About the News Again (7/24)
A Chinese Journalist's Journey to the West (8/29)
Ten Reasons You Can't Trust Narrative (8/29)
A Syllabus for Journalism as a Healing Art (8/14)
Eight Reasons to Trust Amateur Journalists (9/4)
Right Speech With Sharon Salzberg (10/1)
Is Journalism Morally Shallow? (10/27)
What is Journalism? That is the Question. (10/27)
Why Do Journalists Sometime Strut Like Experts? (10/27)
Is John Stewart a Journalist? (10/27)
A Journalist Chats With a Professor (10/27)
ADD & Aspergers & Me (10/27)
Healing Love (10/27)
Thinking About Journalism as Teaching (10/27)
Thinking About Language as Spiritual Food (10/27)
A Plea to the White House Press Corps (10/25)
Journalism, the Individual Conscience, and Social Aims (10/05)
Buddhist Media (10/5)
A Journalism of Morally Skillful Speech (10/6)

Minnesota Churches Support Anuak of Ethiopia (2/24)
Hawthorne School on the Chopping Block, Again (2/26)
Quick, Make an Iranian Friend! (2/26)
For Boris Miksic, Politics is Glocal (2/26)
Meeting My Accuser (2/26)
A Minnesota Corruption Council? (2/26)
The Tou Cha Story (2/26)
Eason Jordan, Bagged by Bloggers (2/26)
India's #1 Muckraker Starts U.S. Tour (2/26)
Poetry and Journalism (2/27)
Conversations Across Distances (2/27)
Are Journalists Curious, Really? (3/4)
Journalism is Not Just Another Consumer Product (3/6)
The Rhetorical "But" of the News (3/14)
The Consequence of Ceaseless Shock (3/16)
What if a Journalist Gets a Good Idea? (3/17)
Ethiopian Army Commits Mass Murder, Rights Group Says (3/24)
An Easter Message to the Minnesota Press (3/25)
John Paul II: A Great Global Citizen (4/3)
Covering the War: A Homefront Hypothetical (4/19)
How Minnesota Newspapers Cover Minorities (4/29)
Esprit d'Escalier from On the Media (5/5)
A Wandering Buddhist Monk of Minnesota (5/7)
The Wild Asian Tigers of ... Minnesota (5/18)
Glocal Man (NPR interviews me) (5/20)
Little Johnny on Top of the World (5/24)
Glocal Journalism Strategy and Tactics (5/25)
Anuak Women Sweeten the Bitter Life (6/2)
Around the World in Ten Ideas (6/7)
Three Definitions of Glocal Journalism (6/7)
No Heroes in the Karl Rove Case (7/21)
Can Journalism Be Right Speech? (7/25)
From Kathmandu to Clarks Grove (8/4)
Another Darfur Victim: The Anuak of Ethiopia (9/6)
A Few Questions for Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. (11/1)
Telling the Hard Stories in Journalism (11/14)
Global Narratives for Local Audiences (12/3)
Rehabbing the Fourth Estate (PRX Radio, 1/3/06)

On a Bloody Saturday, Ethiopia Chose Genocide (1/1)
Importing Loving Kindness to Minnesota (1/7)
Getting Out the Somali Vote for Dean (1/14)
Refugee Immigration to Rochester: 1970-2004 (1/24)
How an African Genocide Came to Light in Minnesota (1/28)
The Wanna-Be Presidents as Global Citizens (1/28)
Avoiding Food and Sex Like the Plague (2/16)
An International Postscript on L'Affaire Breast (2/24)
Creating an Index of Global Interdependence (3/7)
A Minnesota Outsourcing Solution: "Go South, Young Man!" (3/15)
The Uighurs and the War on Terror (4/24)
Ethiopian Genocide Broadens to Villages, Women, Children (5/16)
"They Killed You Like a Dog" -- An Anuak Survivor's Story (5/16)
How Ethiopia Gets a Free Pass (5/17)
An Interview with Ethiopia's Minister of Genocide (5/17)
The Great State of Minnisootaa (5/24)
Three Scenes and a Question from Africa (6/1/2004)
"Hi, My Name is Bill, I'm an Outsourcer" (6/7)
The Internet, the Round Goby, and World Peace (6/15)
9/11 -- Another Minnesota Connection? (6/30)
Husbanding Hogs and Democracy in Minnesota (7/8)
Who Really Runs Minnesota Agriculture? (7/15)
Again and Again (7/19)
In the Beauty of Minnesota Waters (7/21)
What's the Matter with Minnesota? (7/28)

Globalization at Broadway and Fourth (8/4)
What Immigrants Bring to the Table (8/11)
The Price of Tea in China and Minnesota (8/18)
The World Music of Quetico Superior (8/25)
In India, Gratitude for U.S. Terror Policy (9/1)
Flying the Flags of Global Citizenship (9/8)
The Global Lessons of Mayo Clinic (10/6)
For Tibetans, A Flight from History to Minnesota (10/15)
Hurricane Jeanne Touches Down in Rochester (10/21)
Going for the Global Citizen's Vote (10/17)
Holding the Media Accountable on International News (10/27)
A Minnesota Anuak and Martin Luther King (10/30)
Rochester Immigration Rises for First Time Since 9/11 (11/6)
They Sent Us Love Notes, We Sent Back Rants (11/13)
Diversity is Great, Unity is Better (11/20)
Elmer Andersen, the Minnesota Mensch (11/27)
Anuak to Sue Ethiopia on Human Rights Crimes (12/04)
A Hmong Replays the Wisconsin Death Trip (12/06)
A Seasonal Song of Spam (12/11)
A Sudanese Christmas in Southern Minnesota (12/28)

An Indian Couple Puts Down Roots in Stewartville (1/10)
Pawlenty Gives Free Trade a Chance (1/13)
A Favorite Son's High Hopes and Crash Landing (1/13)
The Anuak: A Lost African Tribe of the Midwest (1/14)
From Bonga to Brown, the Black Experience in Minnesota (2/17)
Fly Upwards, Brave Seven (2/24)
A Global Citizen Thinks About War (2/28)
Four Middle-Class White Guys Wrestle Over Iraq
Next Stop, Iran? (3/16)
The Ya Ba Epidemic of Thailand and Minnesota (3/23)
At a War Rally, Echoes of Earlier Wars (3/23)
It's Unbearable -- A Tribute to Michael Kelly (4/10)
For Minnesota Veterans, the Work of Warriors Goes On (4/16)
A Patriot of Venezuela and Minnesota (4/20)
A Global Killer Comes to Minnesota (5/7)
No Country is an Island
Why I Read the News from Timbuktu (5/21)
The Truth About the Saudi Royals, By George (5/22)
American Expatriates: An Unexploited Mother Lode (5/29)
The Most Beautiful Place on Earth (6/5)
Give Pistachios a Chance (6/25)
The Shame of Olmsted County
A Potrait of a Young Man as Global Citizen (7/2)
12,000 Somali Bantus Fly to Freedom -- and Maybe Minnesota (7/23)
From Russia With 800 SATs (7/30)
The Most Globalized Small Town in America (8/6)
A Family's Survival Tale from Bosnia to Minnesota (8/18)
A 'Glocalizing' Trend Sweeps U.S. Journalism (8/21)
Thinking About Iraq in the Minnesota Wilderness (9/3)
A Red Stain of Bewitching Beauty (9/10)
At Rochester Montessori, Secrets of a Wise Italian (9/12)
A Question for Rochester: Who Are We Today? (9/24)
Assimilate Then Celebrate -- In That Order (10/8)
A Chance to Show Wisdom in Iraq (10/8)
Iraq is "10,000 Times Better Than Before" (10/15)
The Good News About the Bad News in Iraq (10/24)
A Rabbi Who Loves God and the Minnesota Vikings (10/30)
For Sex on a Human Scale, Try a Foreign Film (11/6)
George W. Bush, Foreign Policy Progressive (11/19)
When it Comes to Drugs, Trust the Grannies (11/26)
In China He Taught English and Discovered a World (11/29)
Shooting Ourselves in the Future (12/10)
The Global Citizen's Dual Address (12/17)
A New Global Story for a New World (12/22)
U.S. Anuak Fear 400 Dead in Ethiopia Massacre (12/22)
Nine Paths to Global Citizenship (12/25)

Learning from Strangers (2/23)
Schmoozing for National Security (3/9)
The Eternal Towers (3/12)
Growing Up in China -- Ping Yang's Story (3/22)
The Heroism of Hospitality (3/29)
Spicy Cosmopolitanism (4/4)
Iranian Americans Protest New Law (5/2)
A Blind Russian Artist Sees His Way to American Success (5/2002)
Russian Immigrant Builds New Life in America (5/18)
Remember 1927 (6/2)
Connecting the Dots (6/10)
Translator Helps Immigrants Create Life in Minnesota (6/22)
Six Reasons Why U.S. Immigration Policy Should be Reformed (7/3)
What's it Going to Be in My Life? (7/27)
What is Immigration For? (7/27)
How to Remember 9/11 -- One Suggestion (9/11)
From Somalia to Southeast Minnesota -- A Flight to Freedom (10/5)

Making Sense of the Senseless at Ground Zero (10/13)
The Firehouse of Liberty Street (10/13)
Conversations of Grief and Hope (10/14)