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More than 1,200 members of the Anuak tribe of Ethiopia live in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and in southern Minnesota, having come as refugees to escape ethnic cleansing that has been been carried out against their tribe over the past two decades. Including children born in this country to Anuak parents, the number of Anuak in southern Minnesota is well over 2,000.

On December 13, 2003, in by far the largest single incident in the genocide of the Anuak, more than 400 Anuak were killed by uniformed soldiers of the Ethiopian Defense Force, according to dozens of eyewitnesses. The killings have continued until this day and have caused more than 10,000 Anuak refugees to flee across the Ethiopia-Sudan border to the area near Pocalla, Sudan, where there is presently a humanitarian emergency due to low food and medical supplies.

On January 8, Genocide Watch, the widely-respected international NGO, put the Anuak massacre on their emergency list of ongoing genocides in the world. "The situation reminds me of Rwanda in 1993, when all the early warning signs were evident but no one paid attention," Dr. Gregory Stanton, president of Genocide Watch, has written.

The Minnesota media is an early warning system for this African genocide.

The December 13 massacre and subsequent killings have thrown the Anuak diaspora community in Minnesota into feverish work to help their suffering relatives at home. Meetings with the staffs of State senators and representatives are planned; a rally was held on the steps of the capitol on December 18; and efforts are being made to raise emergency relief funds and send aid workers to Pocalla.

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Letters and Documents
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   Omot Ochan (Relief fundraising)
St. Paul, Minnesota
   c: 612-408-8145
   h: 651-686-5854

   Jim Struck (Relief fundraising)
 c/o Christ Lutheran Church
   1930 Diffley Road
   Eagan, MN 55122

   Obang Jobi
  Secretary, Anuak Community Association of North America (ACANA)
   St. Paul, MN

   Obang Metho
Director, Gambella Development Agency
   Saskatchewan, Canada
   (306) 933-4346
   (306) 955-7549

   Omot Nyigwo
 Mankato, Minnesota

   Ojulu Odola
Sydney, Australia
   61 2 9631 3629

   LeRoy G. Christoffels
   Pastor, Worthington Christian Reformed Church (many Anuak parishioners)
   Worthington, MN
   o: 507-372-2811
   h: 507-376-4092

   Ujulu Goch
   Washington, DC
   (202) 431-0839


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